Lead Software Engineer Node.js (m/f)

Job description

Free2Move is one of the most exciting projects of the sharing economy. We are a subsidiary of PSA Group and the central column in PSA’s strategy to transform from a classic car manufacturer to a mobility provider. As part of this process, new product ideas are created around a core mobility platform.

The platform is built entirely in JavaScript and uses ESNext language features as available on the latest Node.js platform. It uses RabbitMQ as a message broker to connect different services and MongoDB as primary datastore. We build and deploy with Docker using ECS or Kubernetes.

Our Node.js stack is built on top of koa framework. Testing is done with Jest, we measure coverage and the build fails if threshold is not met. We keep track of code complexity, we take pride in writing great code, fullstack tests and delightful documentation. As a team we are driven by very open and direct communication (we talk tacheles, meaning no-bullshit), we value open discussions, we enjoy our work and have good humor. We are as agile as we feel fit, which we feel is very agile.

We are currently looking for an exceptional lead developer who is able and willing to:

  • Take over the responsibility for a reasonably complex software system built with a mixture of OO and FP inspired programming techniques.

  • Grow his own team of developers (this includes mentoring and hiring)

  • Drive technical/architectural discussions

  • Craft SOLID code at good speed.


More specifically we want to meet you for an interview if you feel most of these sentences define you..

  • You have at least 5 years of experience building enterprise applications

  • You consider yourself an accomplished software engineer and architect who can demonstrate her/his expertise in technical discussions, code reviews etc.

  • You are able to make architectural and design decisions and you are keen to implement core parts and public APIs of a bigger software system.

  • You have a thorough understanding of JavaScript and its ecosystem. You dig up great libraries and you can evaluate technologies quickly.

  • You are fluent in at least one other programming language (preferably Ruby, Python, Scala, Kotlin, Haskell or Clojure).

  • You know your way around OO style programming as well as FP. You can explain their principles and techniques and you apply them in your everyday coding.

  • You pay attention to details when writing your code. You don’t copy & paste code from stackoverflow unless you understand how it works and consider it a good solution.

  • You can tell whether a piece of code is clean or if it smells.

  • You have detailed understanding of (No)Sql storage engines: You know query planning and have an idea how to optimize data models for good runtime performance.

  • You are not afraid to ask questions in addition to having the will and ability to discuss solutions based on discussions.

Your tasks

  • Take full responsibility of existing code base (no legacy, you will only inherit well-factored code) and extend existing services with new features.

  • Design and implement REST resources, MongoDB queries, JSON processing pipelines.

  • Investigate technologies, build prototypes, run performance benchmarks.

  • Review code of other developers.

  • Grow your own team of developers. It’s your duty to hire other talent to make the team even better.

  • Improve our stack: We are always happy to see faster builds, more automation, cleaner code, higher test coverage and other goodies.

Welcome to the circle of trust

Our people make us who we are, so as a Free2Movester you’ll benefit from these (and more) values:

  • Flat hierarchies. No chain of command to pass your ideas up.

  • A super friendly, super international team.

  • Room and encouragement to bring your own ideas. No question is too stupid!

  • A bright airy office in central Berlin. You like soft drink fridges, fruit baskets, fancy hand soaps? We’ve got ‘em.

  • Your very own buddy to help you settle in, help you with paperwork and show you the good lunch spots.

  • Up to 30 days holiday. You deserve it.

  • The opportunity to contribute to an amazing product you’ll love.

  • Free. Carsharing. Everywhere. Oh yeah.